Golf Lessons

Theo,  the owner of the golf course provides golf instruction to individuals and groups. Although not a Golf Professional he has been a tennis instructor, and once played against Bobby Riggs and also gives bridge and klaverjas, a Dutch card game, lessons. "I consider myself a better instructor than player when it comes to golf". Our fees are very reasonable. We have a large Practice Green.

Individual: 1 hour golf lesson: $ 25.00; 2 hours: $ 35.00, $10.00 for each additional person
Group rates for more than 4 in a lesson

Clubs, putters, practice balls and tees provided by the club.

• How golf differs from other ball or puck hitting sports and the mechanics of golf clubs.
• Explain the handicap system and different type of golf games
• Show difference between a driver and a 64 degree wedge.
• Gripping the club and basic swing motion.
• The power of the club face hitting the ball.
• Teeing off with a tee and playing fairway irons and woods.
• Pitching and Chipping.
• Putting: 50% of your regulation score.
• Difficult shots: Sand wedge and Lob wedge.
• Using all four types of shots on a hole. 

After 2 hours of instruction one can reasonably be expected to play golf from the forward tees, initially a 2 person scramble format is recommended.. We advise not to play any difficult shots but continue to place the ball for each shot away from poor lies, the rough, trees and sand until a level of confidence and competence is reached with an average of 2 over par results, which is an official handicap. Also with four hours of instruction, which includes playing an actual hole it is recommended that in the beginning playing with other new golfers to play initially in the scramble format. Every time the best positioned ball is chosen, even on the putting green and played by all players from that spot until the ball is holed out. In particular we recommend this with younger golfers playing with their parents. This way there is less frustration and a better and faster understanding of this wonderful game while instilling that this game can be very competitive. A good example is when one parent and one child plays against the other parent with one child in the scramble format while keeping score. The children are then so enthusiastic about golf that they want to come back the next day!